About Me

I’ve had a blast building several ministries over the last 14 years including two of Outreach’s magazine’s fastest growing churches in America. I invested a decade serving in senior leadership at Willow Creek Community Church. I’m currently privileged to serve alongside my husband as Pastor at Vineyard Christian Church and my side hustle serving pastors and elders all over as a leadership coach with the remarkable team at Leadership Capital. I put my marketplace leadership experience into practice with businesses, non-profits and churches across the globe in Vision Clarity, Leadership Development and Strategic Planning partnerships. It’s been thrilling to launch a variety of unique and entrepreneurial community outreach organizations through local churches.

I’m trying to live out what it means to be a forgiven daughter to the most High King, and follower of the way of Jesus. I long to partner with His Spirit in the redemption and restoration of ALL things. I’m pursuing faithfulness in the calling He has given me to be a prophetic ideator, intentional teacher, apostolic leader, strategic coach and relentless peacemaker. My passion is to see the local church thrive in its’ unique context and expression and to be a shining light to the community in which it is located.

I never aspired to write about abuse, it’s not what you might call ‘reputation building’ but a platform has never been my goal. As long as it is an epidemic plaguing the church I’ll continue to call our attention to it. I have learned a great deal through the pain, and hope to give grace-filled, truth-revealing light to what God is teaching me. I’m blown away by the profound support and encouragement of my husband- Marc, a true hero. He has carried me and called me forward. Together we’re figuring out this whole parenting thing with our resilient kids Leah and Liam.